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    Non Existent Files

    Thanks, will do.
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    Non Existent Files

    They are in the Video folder with all th other saved programmes. They were, once, programmes/Iplayer files. in fact they were youTube videos. They don't show up on the WebIf view just File Explorer.
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    Non Existent Files

    I have recently noticed that, viewing Files on the HDD of my HDR Fox T2, via file explorer there are 3 or 4 with odd truncated names. These are not available when the drive is viewed via WEBif. I am not able to delete or rename these files as they do not actually exist? Any ideas on how to...
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    YouTube on HDR-FOX T2

    Good afternoon all. This morning YouTube reappeared on my HDR-FOX T2 and appears to be working as it used to! Anyone else got this problem?
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    HDR-1000t disabled YouTube

    Today 17 May 2017 I went to the Portal to load iPlayer and The YouTube icon was there and I am watching videos through my HDR FoxT2. Has anyone else found this? Will it last I wonder?
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    Multi Channel Audio Playback

    Good afternoon everyone, I believe this is my first post and I am hoping for some positive responses. I am looking for a way of playing back multichannel audio through my HDR-FOX T2. It is possible to play films with multichannel audio through the USB socket on the front, MP4s. It would be...