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    [auto-schedule-restore] Auto-restore schedule after retune

    So after today's uncommanded reset, this modified /mod/sbin/autoschedule was put to the test: #!/mod/bin/jimsh source /mod/webif/lib/setup require rsv.class system.class set backup "/mod/boot/schedule.ab" proc empty_schedule {{table tbl_reservation}{raw 0}} { set empty 1...
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    Register of Weird Crash Symptoms

    Symptoms foreshadowing wizard after next restart: package that depended on running a program from /mod/etc/init.d didn't appear to be working; (special case of above) wi-fi with hidden SSID didn't get connected, but could be connected manually (from the on-screen menu).
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    Does lots of multiply-claimed blocks mean that my drive is dying?

    dd 8.11 from the coreutils package knows about status=noxfer but, from its help and a small test, not status=progress. The two busybox versions don't support status=....
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    Does lots of multiply-claimed blocks mean that my drive is dying?

    You can, but iflag options won't be relevant when reading from /dev/zero. conv=noerror is useful when trying to copy sectors that may be unreadable, as above.
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    Does lots of multiply-claimed blocks mean that my drive is dying?

    Some sources suggest adding the oflag=direct option to the dd command line. It may be faster, anyway. More important is iflag=direct when reading back a write to verify it, so that you actually get the data from the disk (or the disk's cache) and not the OS cache.
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    Favourites and Auto_Backup

    In the typical loss of tuning event, it appears that the settop program carries on using its in-memory data even after some failure in its DB stack has caused the saved tuning data to be erased. Then, any backup activity will use the erased version but the failure only becomes visible when the...
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    Loss of HD channels

    Suspect the cable from the wall socket to the aerial, especially where it comes out of the wall and runs up to the aerial itself. Is the the wall-to-T2 cable detachable? If so, put it in the flat aerial-T2 connection to test. The connection at the aerial may have degraded, or the cable in, or...
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    Favourites and Auto_Backup

    Theoretically the backup and restore mechanism is the same for both auto-schedule-restore backups and manual and automatic backups from the Scheduled Events>Backup/Restore WebIf page. There are issues both with auto-backup/restore and with restoring favourites from backups: a valid...
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    Official Humax Firmware 1.03.13 (HDR-FOX) / 1.03.03 (HD-FOX)

    Typical while the HDMI link is being negotiated. Are you saying that previously recorded programmes that you had been able to watch completely were damaged or disappeared? Or that recordings in progress were damaged (unsurprisingly)? Or that the recording schedule was damaged (CF would help...
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    [youtube-dl] Download files from or other video platforms

    My yt-dl running on the Humax seems to be able to list the formats and download the smallest format (eg) as a playable mp4 file. I may have patched the ITV extractor: more research neededthis commit, in fact. The complaints about invalid timestamps should disappear with...
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    [youtube-dl] Download files from or other video platforms

    The python package is built against an ancient version of OpenSSL, which doesn't support the versions of SSL/TLS that sites typically require. Also there are some HLS features not supported by the yt-dl downloader, so ffmpeg is often needed anyway. Unrelated, but the Python is 2.7.1 ('tired and...
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    [youtube-dl] Download files from or other video platforms

    ITV downloads stopped working around April and weren't restored in the last release (2021-06-06). More research needed.
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    broken webif

    Seems like this file must be sitting on a bad disk sector. The WebIf server-side script webif/include/notify.jim was unable to construct the page from the point where You have pending system notifications was added to the page. The next thing it does is to read the entire file and display it...
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    [webif] Web Interface 1.4.x

    Only completely pointless if HDs turn out always to be able to do system disksmart properly. This might depend on the USB-SATA bridge or equivalent in use. It works for at least one of mine (olde-worlde Sky box 500GB disk in a powered caddy) but other configurations might not do so well: if so...