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    FOXSAT-HDR connected to FREESAT TV

    Thanks both for that. This TV is brilliant. 2 Freesat tuners and an external USB drive for record / playback (I have a very useful 1Tb 3 inch drive to hand). If the setup gets messy, I shall probably ditch the HDR. While a very good box, I've always had issues with the Humax. Sometimes very slow...
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    FOXSAT-HDR connected to FREESAT TV

    Next week I take delivery of a swishy new Samsung 55H8000 which has Freesat tuners. Can I connect my Hummy through to the TV so I can use the TV tuners as well as the Hummy ones. I could then record up to 4 channels at a time (or separate my recordings from the missus)
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    Freesat capable TV to Humax Foxsat HDR

    I have a Humax Foxsat HDR connected at the moment to an old Sony Analogue TV via SCART. I will be getting a new TV in the near future and want to know if there is any benefit to getting a Freesat capable TV. I would also need to know how to connect it up, I have 2 LNBs connected.