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    Moving from Toppy 5800 to HDR-FOX T2?

    Yes I think I might keep my Toppy and run both, at least for the time being.
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    Moving from Toppy 5800 to HDR-FOX T2?

    Thanks that's good to know, if I get a Humax I will definitely be installing custom firmware. On the Toppy I have keyword searches set-up for Tottenham and Spurs so I don't have to set individual timers for FA Cup or UEFA cup matches. Would it be possible to do that on the Humax using Remote...
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    Moving from Toppy 5800 to HDR-FOX T2?

    I've owned a Toppy 5800 for the last five years and I'm considering upgrading to an HDR-FOX T2. The Toppy (with MyStuff Tap) has been fantastic and I'll be really sad to see it go but it's time to upgrade to an HD PVR. I had really high hopes for YouView and while I'd like the integrated...
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    Sky Sports Top Up TV on HDR-FOX T2?

    Is it possible to receive Sky Sports on an HDR-FOX T2 using a Top Up TV CAM? The top up TV website has CI+ CAM adaptors available but if I understand correctly they only work with their pre-approved (and rather short) list of TVs. Am I correct in assuming CI+ adaptor wouldn't work with an...