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    HD-FOX T2 connection issues.

    Getting somewhere now. After a few reinstall attempts, I went back to standard firmware then tried again and this time it has worked. Now to have a play around with it.. Thanks for all help!
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    HD-FOX T2 connection issues.

    Yep, 1.02.27. It doesn't show F2.10 though..
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    HD-FOX T2 connection issues.

    Can anyone help me out please? I have installed custom f/w to my stb. The portal works fine, have an ip address etc. Router can see the device. I can't login to the webif, and can't telnet in either (could not open connection to host). Am I doing something wrong, or is something amiss...
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    The new guy..

    Hi all, just registered here in the hope of getting some help, and maybe in the future I can help others as my knowledge increases..