My philosophy can be summed up thus: The ONLY important thing in life is to take the next breath - after that everything else falls into place ! While the Humax and the brilliant Hummy Forum adds so much to one's quality of life, it really doesn't matter that much if the recordings get screwed up - they'll be repeated soon anyway !
Sadly Terry/Lefteris' philosophy (oft quoted) proved true and he took his last breath last December (2021). I knew he appreciated this forum and his Humaxes. Over the years he saved many recordings for us to watch for years to come - now just me on my own. Just found my way into this account, but won't close it yet as I still have much Humax equipment. I don't think I will ever use it, although I have worked out how to watch his recordings.
Lefteris' wife.
Melksham, Wiltshire
Retired Accountant & Book Publisher


HDR FOX-T2 - 1TB - HX 1.03.12 + CF 3.13 (Build 4028) + RS 1.4.2-13 & HDR FOX-T2 500gb - same s/ware
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - Windows 10


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