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    Foxsat Remote and ZVOX Speaker

    Bit of a long shot but...... Does anyone know if it's possible to program the Foxsat remote to control a ZVOX speaker unit?. I've had a good look around and the only thing I could find was for another ZVox model which might respond to codes for Candle, Hisense or Aiwa. None of these worked...
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    Can't Select Some Programmes from the EPG

    Good point, - I'll check next time it happens. The "i" button being used to sort the list confused me but I can see that the current programme can be viewed via "opt". @ gomezz & Trev: Yes - it's the intemittent nature that's confusing. Making it occur to order to try things like Graham has...
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    Can't Select Some Programmes from the EPG

    Yes, that's the point. It is a currently playing programme. I can go to the programme if I come out of the EPG and use P +/- It's like the EPG doesn't recognise that it's current until I reserve it then offers me the choice to watch it (since it's on now) then doesn't do anything when I say yes.
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    Can't Select Some Programmes from the EPG

    I'm sure this must have been raised before but I can't find a similar post. I'm having trouble selecting some programmes from the EPG. This just happened... - Watching ITV1 (real time) - Selected the EPG (via guide button) - Cursor up to BBC2 and pressed ok to switch to that channel...