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    Webif does not work if box in standby mode

    Hi all, New user here. Is the webif supposed to be active if the hdr-fox t2 is in standby mode. Mine does not seem to work unless i turn the box on. Ross
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    T2 change web-if port

    My router (netgear) does not seem to allow me to forward port 8080 external to 80 internal. It just does 8080 external to 8080 internal ;(
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    T2 change web-if port

    Hi all, is it possible to change the default port the web-if listens on from the default port 80 http port. I have a web server which I access from outside my home network and my router routes port 80 to that server. If I want to connect to the T2 I will need a different port to route. Ross