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Recent content by severs1966

  1. severs1966

    Connecting 9200T to a Smart TV with no Scart

    This TV, the same as the 40DX600 I just bought, understands both composute and component equally well. There may be 3 video input "RCA type" or "phono" sockets (plus 2 audio), but you can use just the top one for composite. The manual has a page showing how to plug a camcorder in. Duplicate...
  2. severs1966

    Ext3 format drive plugged into USB

    My dead 9200, my other dead 9200, and my dead 9300 all have internal drives in Ext3 format. I bought a 2000T and I'm very pleased with it, and I am having fun with the ftp server and the ability to use external USB "sticks" and drives. I dragged all my old .avi and .mp4 stuff off my Mac and...