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    Series helper, helper formula

    Hope this saves at least someone some time. There are probably much better ways to bo this with xml, however, this formula will allow you to cut and paste series info into a spreadsheet and reformat it into series helper file format. Usage:- copy and paste the series info from the tvdb into a...
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    EDID Overrides

    Yep, thats the problem and partial workaround in one. Setting multichannel gives multichannel audio out on S/Pdif independant from the hdmi, which serves surround depending on the capeabilities reported by the edid handshake. As the tv reports it is 2.0 channel thats all it gets and is available...
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    EDID Overrides

    Thanks that was what I suspected.
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    EDID Overrides

    Have been trying to sort out surround sound on my setup that includes a Humax Fox T2 HDR. The short version is that some usefull custom firmware additions would be to allow the EDID info to be ignored or even reprogrammed to allow 5.1 surround to be sent by hdmi even if the sink device reports...