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    On Demand / Showtime / Help&Info - unavailable on HDR-1100S

    I received my brand new HDR-1100S today. After basic setup it updated itself by downloading and installing software version UKSFAA 3.00.31 dated 30 MAR 2016. I found that the above mentioned functions do not work. For example on demand function unavailable with a triangular warning icon. I...
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    Foxsat-HDR Tuner 1 has failed. Tuner 2 OK

    Thanks Jonas. I did open up the box earlier today and could not see any obvious component failure. I came to the conclusion it would be uneconomic to get it repaired because as you said, it has a separate board for the tuners which I guess is not easy to obtain any more. I have scrapped the box...
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    Foxsat-HDR Tuner 1 has failed. Tuner 2 OK

    After working well for many years my box has a problem. Diagnostics shows no signal for tuner 1. I have a quad LNB and have tried swapping the cables at the Foxstat rear. Problem does not move when cables swapped. I did a factory reset to see if that would clear matters. Now I can't retune the...