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Recent content by Terrahawk

  1. Terrahawk

    Syntology NAS not appearing

    Agree with MontysEvilTwin, would check your humax is still using the same IP address. This IP or local subnet will have been entered on the "video" shared folder NFS permissions page on the Synology. Connection from other IP(s) will be denied. On synology DSM: Control Panel > Shared Folder >...
  2. Terrahawk

    [tunefix-update] Automated Freeview channel updates

    I've had a few of crashes over the last year that seem to co-inside with a tunefix update. Latest was last night. It's likely to be a coincidence but thought I'd ask if others have experienced this. Image there would be many posts if anything other than a local box issue.
  3. Terrahawk

    [tvdiary] TV Diary 0.0.4-1 What have I really watched?

    With the recent changes, has redring now become a dependency for TvDiary? I noticed the TvDiary watch list is no longer populating and log shows the following. 5000 at file "/mod/sbin/tvdiary_status", line 16 4999 /mod/sbin/tvdiary_status:16: Error: couldn't read file...
  4. Terrahawk

    [tvdiary] TV Diary 0.0.4-1 What have I really watched?

    Used the package for a couple years now, mainly for the watch list feature. Great for finding programmes based on my interests . Thanks Martxw and others who have contributed :thumbsup:. Hopefully it's not retirement for the package
  5. Terrahawk

    Buying a NAS - any advice for use with Humax and recommendations?

    I have a Synology NAS and highly recommend. Can confirm SMB and NFS are fully supported. https://www.synology.com/en-us/dsm/6.2/software_spec/dsm
  6. Terrahawk

    [boot-settings] Apply settings during boot

    I don't use remote scheduling however tunefix and the boot settings package are used.
  7. Terrahawk

    Can onbox EPG search keywords be changed from Webif

    I tend to use Webif when searching and scheduling the weeks upcoming films. I generally use the on-box EPG when looking for something to watch at any particular time. The keywords are only one button press from the EPG and would be a quick way of seeing what's upcoming in TV Diary's watch list...
  8. Terrahawk

    100% offline versions of Custom Firmware and extra modules?

    The wiki should be of help. https://wiki.hummy.tv/wiki/Firmware_Downloads https://wiki.hummy.tv/wiki/Manually_loading_Features_from_USB
  9. Terrahawk

    Can onbox EPG search keywords be changed from Webif

    I use the TvDiary package a lot. I thought a nice idea would be if the top 5 upcoming programme titles at any given time, as listed in TVDiary's watchlist, automatically populated within the onbox EPG seach keywords. This would allow a quick onbox search for upcoming programs of interest. I see...
  10. Terrahawk

    [boot-settings] Apply settings during boot

    I powered the box on this morning and found myself presented with the first time installation wizard. No idea why. I completed the wizard and channel scan and restored Sun nights automatic backup of my scheduled recordings and favourites list. About 5 reboots were completed afterwards to allow...
  11. Terrahawk

    Can the portal display pages served locally by the humax box

    Cheers BH. Just discovered that. New portal required the newer FW and older portals all have dependencies on mongoose.
  12. Terrahawk

    Can the portal display pages served locally by the humax box

    First up, my apologies if the topic has already been explored. I did check the wiki and some of the historical threads. I had forgotten all about the portal until a recent post. I'm running 1.02.32 FW (faster EPG) so the portal offers no value. It got me wondering if there's alternative ways to...
  13. Terrahawk

    [tvdiary] TV Diary 0.0.3-5 update with Real Time Scheduling

    Nice :thumbsup:. Just tried the package this evening and particuarly like the watchlist. [FS] A nice addition would be if duplicates could be removed from the watchlist results.
  14. Terrahawk

    Beta [Real-time scheduling] schedule without rebooting

    1.02.32/3.10 00a8bfd4: 1c 01 a5 af
  15. Terrahawk

    Beta [Real-time scheduling] schedule without rebooting

    Had a further run-away recording of chain reaction this evening on Movie Mix, start 21:00 - 23:10. I manually stopped the recording at 00:29 Hrs. Like my previous post, I had 2 recordings on the go when the over-run occured. It may have no bearing but the second film (Wrong Turn on 5Star) was a...