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  1. Freeview1800

    Humax 1800t - Disable Screensaver or make it completely BLACK - HELP

    Humax 1800t - How can i stop the 'Digital Clock' from moving around ( Screensaver ) I especially bought the 1800t today, as said it can pause for 2 Hours ... But this ''Digital Clock' keeps getting in the corner of my eye whilst working on my Home Computer ! HOW CAN I TURN IT OFF, SO ITS JUST A...
  2. Scott84531

    Transfer Recordings To Pc and Second 1800t.

    Long story short but SD recordings would transfer onto my computer and onto my second 1800t without any problems and all of a sudden none of my programs are working at all, im not a specky person so if there are tehcnical parts please breakdown into a easier way of explaining, when i try and...