1. Freeview1800

    Humax 1800t - Disable Screensaver or make it completely BLACK - HELP

    Humax 1800t - How can i stop the 'Digital Clock' from moving around ( Screensaver ) I especially bought the 1800t today, as said it can pause for 2 Hours ... But this ''Digital Clock' keeps getting in the corner of my eye whilst working on my Home Computer ! HOW CAN I TURN IT OFF, SO ITS JUST A...
  2. D

    Transfer Recordings To Pc and Second 1800t.

    Long story short but SD recordings would transfer onto my computer and onto my second 1800t without any problems and all of a sudden none of my programs are working at all, im not a specky person so if there are tehcnical parts please breakdown into a easier way of explaining, when i try and...