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  1. DAsh

    DetectAds bookmarks

    I’ve setup the latest version of CF using a temporary Ethernet connection to my router and applied a few key packages. One of which is DetectAds. For DetectAds to work I eventually realised that I needed to enable content sharing in the Humax’s internet settings I recorded a channel 4...
  2. O

    Detect Ads

    Love using Detect Ads, but has anyone else found that recently it has not removed the Waitrose advert? I dont mind too much as it one of the better adverts, plus keeps the wife happy. But thought it was weird.
  3. D

    Detectads never stops

    Detectads is correctly processing all the non-BBC recordings, but then repeats itself and processes them all again and again and never stops. I have tried disabling it (setting to Sweeper only), re-booting, re-enabling it, re-booting, but it is still in a loop. Any ideas??
  4. MontysEvilTwin

    Multimode and Manual Timer Recording - Detectads or system issue?

    By default my units are set up for accurate recording, but I use the Multimode package to pad recordings on selected channels. I also use Detectads for chaserun processing of non-BBC TV channels. This works fine for both AR and padded channels when the recordings are set up from the TV guide...
  5. Black Cloud

    Problem with IR package stopping detectads while in standby

    Hi Folks, I'm new to all this custom firmware, so play nice, please. Thoroughly enjoying DetectAds in the ChaseRun mode as I can watch 'adlessly' even while program is recording. Life can't get any better, can it? IR package is very useful as it shows me the remote codes for each button. I...