disk failure

  1. S

    Guidance on backups

    Hi all, I'm running custom firmware on my Humax - and it's been working great for years. Currently I'm starting to get some HD errors and was thinking about the inevitable failure at some point.... Can't complain really - everything has been running reliably since 2015 :) I don't want to fork...
  2. Y

    Missing (virtual) remote, with added disk woe.

    One of our HDR;s now has 27,000 hours on the clock, and for a long time now it has been sending me daily emails, the content of which is Device: HDR-Fox T2 (HumaxK - 00:03:78:ba:32:97) At least one failed recording has been detected in your media library. The following recording(s) failed...
  3. Lefteris

    Hard Disk Failure

    Hi - Yesterday, my hard disk failed 1 year and 6 days after purchase ! Just out of warranty so I checked the Maintenance Option on this great Forum site, and have been running Opt 1 Fix Disk for a couple of hours now. Not sure if I should be worried yet since it clearly says in your...