1. D

    [ffmpeg] multimedia conversion utility

    The ffmpeg package has never had its own thread. It's mostly deployed as a utility by other user-facing packages. I believe these are the ones that may use it directly: webif 1.4.8-10 depends on ffmpeg (>= 2.8) soundout 0.1a depends on ffmpeg thumbnails 1.0.4...
  2. zekepliskin

    Various questions about audio handling (AC3, E-AC3) and side car files

    Here's a scenario I've encountered recently when testing what the HDR Fox T2 will and will not play correctly. I have a TV show episode originally in a MKV container. It has 1080p level 4 H264 video and 640k E-AC3 audio. I can use ffmpeg to remux it to a TS or M2TS file and it'll play...
  3. MontysEvilTwin

    AC3 Audio - correct hmt file settings

    I have recently copied some recordings from my Panasonic DVD/ HDD/ VHS recorder to an HDR-FOX T2. These recordings are comprised of several VOB files with MPEG2 video and AC3 audio. I used TSMuxer GUI to join the VOB files and remux them to a single m2ts file per recording. I then created...
  4. MontysEvilTwin

    Copying Subtitles and additional audio streams - ffmpeg patch?

    Nicesplice is handy for removing adverts from recordings, but I have noticed that when the cropped files are played back on the HDR-FOX, the sound drops out for a few seconds after each join. If the dialogue starts quickly after a join it is sometimes necessary to leave a few seconds of the...