foxsat hdr

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    Web Interface "This plugin is not supported".

    Hi all, I am using Raydons custom firmware 4.1.3, and installed the vlcplayer WIF plug-in, and Twonky Media, but if i try to play a file, the browser shows "This plugin is not supported". What am I doing wrong? I have searched the forums, but found no solution. Please help.
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    Can't access media menu -- "No channels are currently available"

    Hi, I have got a humax box with some great recorded stuff on it and I no longer have a satellite dish. When I use it, I am am greeted with "NOTICE: No channels are currently available" which then forces me into the menu. Is there a way to access the media menu WITHOUT a satellite connection...
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    Audio Description on my Foxsat HD recordings

    Why are all the unencrypted HD recordings I make on my Foxsat HDR including the "Audio Description" on them, and does anyone know how to prevent this and also how to remove it? Thanks for any help. I'm using the latest 'Raydon,' and 'settop' patch. Problems seems to be on BBC recordings, and...