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    hmt files with New_ prepend

    Recently I have found a strange issue with recent recordings on my Foxsat-hdr. I have found a fix, but cannot understand what is happening or why. This seems to be happening with all/most (?) recent recordings. After I record a programme, four files are generated -...
  2. S

    Foxsat-HDR Tuner 1 has failed. Tuner 2 OK

    After working well for many years my box has a problem. Diagnostics shows no signal for tuner 1. I have a quad LNB and have tried swapping the cables at the Foxstat rear. Problem does not move when cables swapped. I did a factory reset to see if that would clear matters. Now I can't retune the...
  3. L

    FOXSAT-HDR locked up

    Hi, I tried flashing a foxsat HDR with a custom kernel that I had built and I am now left with a bricked box ! I started off building the kernel that I downloaded from the HUMAX website to which I added the support for printk. I then compressed it into a file named "1.hdfbin-1-100000.raw" and...
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    Invasion of EPG by deleted channels

    I have just used the Custom Firmware to mark over 130 channels as 'Hidden'. Many of these channels were not new, but ones I had previously excluded in the same way. These channels, in the ranges 400-, 500-, 600-, 700-, 800- and 900- all appeared this afternoon when I switched on. Yesterday...