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  1. timmy_toad

    i am replacing my TV, to one without a FreeSat output !!!

    Hi All, about 8 years ago i ditched my old CRT tv for a 32" Sony Flat screen jobbie. The Sony TV i got, had Freesat and Freeview tuners built in, so i wasted no time and got a pair of Humax Recorders, a FreeView model and a FreeSat model and everything in the garden was rosie :) Now the missus...
  2. O

    Channel delete not working

    A couple of channels appear on my Freesat EPG when I switch it on, even though I had previously deleted them the day before. Does anyone know why? At present, the offending channels are Kix & Kix + 1, but sometimes other channels are a nuisance, usually in the 800 - 899 range.