hard disk

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    Hard drive possibly dead

    My machine became very slow and unresponsive recently and today I received an email from the Hummypkg Remote Scheduling app to say that the hard disk had errors. I managed to log in to Webif and run a diagnostic on the hard disk. There's a screenshot on the link below...
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    Unable to login to WEBIF

    I wonder if you guys can help: Today, my T2 said "format hard drive" (surprisingly). I didn't want to format the drive (and lose my recordings), so I turned it off (mains) and then back on. It seems to work okay. However, I ran the drive check (from the machine) and it stopped about 4/5 of the...
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    Help requested to resurrect dying HDR Fox T2

    I have had this box for ages and it is still my favourite box with respect to the user interface feel and look. Ironically I have recently had my Humax YouView DTR T1010 fail. After much messing around I found out that the Seagate Pipeline HD HDD was broken (it did not work in a Linux box)...