1. Dave F.

    Mendip transmitter. Anybody else have BBCB go down this weekend?

    Hi Just before this weekend I upgraded & repositioned my aerial to point towards the Mendip transmitter. Everything seemed fine. I was picking up all stations listed here: On Saturday a bit of wind picked up & a few stations started to pixelate. I...
  2. Matthew

    Multiplex Information

    We're on a IRS and yesterday I noted 1 mux was down (indicated in the box menu) yet the diag entry did not reflect that, today there are 2 mux down and the diag entry remains the same! When does the entry update itself? It would be useful so I could show the engineer when he comes especially...
  3. J

    2 Muxes/Channels vanished at retune - Still not back

    I've waited to let the dust settle but we still can't get what I now understand are on Mux numbers 55 and 56 (The HD channels for BBC news etc) Anyone else still have issues ? We are on the Sutton xmitter Manual tuning gives zero power readings. Aerial adjustments dont affect it- everything...