1. I

    NTFS USB hard drives

    I am using USB drives formatted with NTFS with NTFS-3G which work fine to read and write except that the Free Storage notification comes up as 'not available'. Is this a known limitation or is there a way round it? Also it will not read GPT discs. Is there a way round this?
  2. Greatstuff

    USB drive format - NTFS or FAT32?

    While FAT32 works fine, the size of the files is limited. I have an 8Gb drive and it allows me to transfer programmes from the unit (whether SD or HD, the latter after being Foxy'd) However, I have an NTFS-formatted USB drive (64Gb) and while I can transfer recordings to it, they just won't...
  3. R

    NTFS formatted USB stick

    Hi all. I have a 30 gb USB stick formatted as NTFS and it could be read on my HDR. I then had to format the stick to use a different file system. Afterwards, I formatted it back to NTFS and now the Humax cannot read the stick. If I plug in or unplug the stick, it notifies me of this on TV but I...