1. C

    power supply

    Hello I'm trying to help a family member with their Foxsat HDR remotely. They're saying that it's reluctant to power up, and if they unplug it a few times, it does eventually do so, and then works ok. So I'm thinking it's probably the internal power supply that's going. Does anyone know if that...
  2. PaulS

    Boot cycle - power supply issue?

    I am new to this forum and a not very qualified electronics DIYer (I trained in electronics 40+ years ago and then left the profession for something completely different) so please forgive me fumbling around on this! And sorry if this has been tackled before but I haven't found an exact link to...
  3. moosey

    Power Supply issue?

    Hi All, One of my HDR-Fox-T2's has recently had an issue on powering up from standby. Initially (a couple of days ago), for a couple of seconds, I got a message on a grey background saying "This channel is scrambled or unavailable" quickly followed by "No programmes are currently being...