signal strength

  1. N

    FVP5000T problems solved, but why don't they tell you this !

    We had terrible problems with freezing and picture break-up with our FVP5000T and I eventually contacted Humax support for an answer. Initially I was told to do a Factory Reset. I did this, twice, and each time it was OK for a day or so before the problems returned. They suggested I replace the...
  2. BarFly

    1800T says signal too weak, but TV says it's fine

    Strange problem here. HDR-1800T connected to a Panasonic Viera TV. TV aerial socket is connected to the Humax, so it's receiving its signal via the Humax box. On some Freeview HD channels the Humax is saying that the signal is too weak, and the picture and sound drop out frequently, however...