1.02.32 on screen browsers with iplayer, will it ever be possible?


Will it ever be possible to have an on screen browsers with the speed of 1.02.32 with iplayer?

Either a portal fix for the old firmware or a firmware that only updated the portal and not the browser.

It gets on my nerves, I'm sure Humax would think we would be happy having it updated in line with there new models but it could also be seen as making you feel you need to replace this old model with a new one. Unless they want to support a custom firmware on there new models that's not what I'm going to do.
Someone mentioned a streaming box that seemed to cover a lot of needed features. It's a shame but I think they have almost made me give up hope of this box staying up to date while remaining usable.

The custom firmware is so good and I enjoy watching its development, it all feels a bit anarchic. lol Change is the only certain thing........ No no no *uck that I want the old browser back..

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I can't see how. The new browser is required for iPlayer compatibility - that's something at the BBC end, not under our control or Humax's. It might be possible to back-port the new browser into pre-1.03 firmware, or forward-port the old browser into 1.03 firmware, but neither of those with achieve what you want.