100% offline versions of Custom Firmware and extra modules?


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I would firstly like to say that I think that everyone who runs this website and has been involved with the Custom Firmware have done an amazing job. Thank you all very much indeed.

I downloaded and installed the Custom Firmware and some extra modules on my HDR FOX T2 several years ago and when I did so, I remember that the installation process relied upon several further downloads from the Internet (even before the extra modules). It occurs to me that if something goes wrong with my HDR FOX T2, I may one day need to reinstall the Custom Firmware and the extra modules. It also occurs to me that by the time I do this, the Custom Firmware download site will have permanently shut down. (I hope it won't shut down for several decades.) Are there any 100% offline versions of the Custom Firmware and extra modules that I can download now so that I will be able to reinstall the Custom Firmware and the extra modules without downloading anything more from the Internet during the installation process?

Thank you very much.

Kind regards