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1800t - Get 'List' to show info about a program?


New Member
1800t ... If i press 'OK' on remote, ( or 'List Button) i get all my 'Favs' i created ( In a long list on left of screen ) .... but if i highlite say BBC1, it doesnt show any info at all about the programme ?? on my 'OLD' 9300 model, i could get a few words description , if i highlited a programe on this long list ?? Any Help ???


Well-Knwοn Мember
Unfortunately not, apart from using the guide instead. Also unfortunately if you are also recording two porgarmmes, unlike the 93000T, the guide does not indicate which channels you can watch at the same time but the list of favourite channels on the left hand side does.
When the replacement model, (the HDR-FOX T2), for the (9300/9150) was released it lacked a number of little niceties that the previous models had. But the new model also had a number of improvements. The HDR-1800T/2000T linage is from the HDR-FOX T2 and similarly just has to be taken as a different model from the 9300T with different positives and different negatives. If you really need what the 9000T has but the 2000T hasn't then the only way forward is to buy a working second hand 9300T.