1800t -- One touch to turn off Box & Tv ??

I just bought Model 1800t, as want it to turn off Freeview Box AND Tv using one button on Remote .. but it puts BOX and TV into standbye, then after 5 min my Hitachi TV, goes off completely.... but i then have to dig out the TV Remote to turn ON the blimmin TV !! Pointless me buying this 1800t, as i still have to use 2 remotes, not just 1 button on the Humax to turn on / off both units ?? or am i doing something wromg ???? Helppppp

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How is it the fault of the 1800 that your TV automatically turns itself off if it has been left in standby for too long? See if there are any menu settings on your TV that might help.
No, No, I want to only have to press 1 button on the 'Humax' 1800 remote, to turn off Freeview Box AND TV .... ( Which it does, ) i would also like to then just press Humax remote, 1 touch to turn 'BOTH' back on, however only the Humax comes on, but my TV, i have to go to the TV remote, and turn tv on with this ... I just want to turn off both units with 1 touch, and ON again with one touch ! ..I couldnt see any setting on my Hitachi 26" Tv that would help ????