1tb HDR keeps restarting


I have had my 1tb HDR box for just under a year now and over the last week or so has just been doing restarts - they seem to occur (mostly if not always) when the box has recently been turned on out of standby and looking at the media list. This has also occurred when recording in standby and then switching on and going to media list.

Any advice on a course of action? Send back under warranty or try some disk analysis?

I know I can ftp precious recordings off the box.

I am running 1.02.28 with custom firmware 2.11 (should I have raised it in custom forum?) with 72% disk used.

Thanks for many advice :)
This sounds like a DLNA problem. As a test, try turning off "content sharing" and see what happens - similar problems have been traced to a Twonky server (IIRC) elsewhere.

I know I can ftp precious recordings off the box.

And you also know you will need to decrypt them first?
Thanks Ezra and Black hole; will start as suggested.

Interested especially in the comment about the Twonky server.

I do have a NAS which I have recently upgraded the firmware in and as part of that the Twonky server version. Looking back at the dates they do tie in. I found the link to the other forum message and that was traced to Twonky 7, and I now have Twonky 7.0.9 - looks like this will be getting downgraded to 6.0.39 pretty sharpish. That's fine by me as I can't import playlists in 7.0.9 anyway.

Thanks to the heads up on this, I did try a search but didn't come up so you have saved me days of pain :hug: - not sure that icon will be appreciated though!
Just to confirm that there does appear to an issue with Twonky 7.0.9 running on the same network as the Humax. Since downgrading the Twonky server on my QNAP NAS I have not seen issue with the hummy, phew! Thanks again for advice received - productive as ever :)