2 questions sort of related


sorry this only just makes on topic but I cant think of anywhere else to ask - maybe someone can help
One of my "charges" has an LG620T TV and can play back MKV files without trouble - but none of the TS
files from the Humax will start to play - has anyone used TS files on this TV ?
(I have a 650T and they play fine on that - it seems to be this particular one?)

Also has anyone tried converting the Channel4 HD files from the humax to mkv files using mkvmerge
(or anything else?) I've been trying to do the Big Bang Theory files and they dont convert at all - any ideas?



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Mostly Handbrake will fail at some point during the recode process. So will all the other free software I have tried. This seems to be because over-the-air .ts files contain errors and imperfections that transcoding software cannot cope with.

Conversion from Humax HD .ts is a holy grail and so far I know only one reliable solution - VideoReDo H264. But it costs - about £60.

BTW, if you do get a recode process working, you might find that .mp4 is a more useful format than .mkv. Most devices understand .mp4, including the Hummy itself.


Thanks both.

Indeed the problem is TS file errors (which is what the TS format is supposed to be designed specifically to tolerate if I remember correctly)
Therefore any device capable of playing TS files should be able to tolerate errors too. This does not seem to be the case in this particular TV set.
(The same files play fine on the humax - on 2 PC's and on our LG 650T)

All the files I have failing seem to fail with invalid AAC headers or unknown errors on the SD files.
So presumably what we all would like is a transcription product that is TS error tolerant.

Perhaps we should start shouting somewhere...

(I've bought videoRedo twice now and neither time did it do what was claimed for it - I dont mind paying but not for that - not anymore)


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If you run a HD .ts file through VRD's Quick Stream Fix, it seems to do a very good repair job. Certainly, it can subsequently be encoded with Handbrake or edited and encoded with Freemake. On the few times I've tried it, VRD's own encoding has been slow and flaky, so I always save back to .ts format, then convert with Handbrake. As an editor, VRD is first class - frame perfect when used for removing ads.

At present I have a trial copy of VRD on my new PC. I know that when the 14 days trial expires it will be limited to saving 5 minutes of video, but I'm interested to see whether the Quick Stream Fix will still work. If I could find a free equivalent of the QSF, I could happily do without the rest.