2000T Rebooting when recording 2 programmes at once?


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Ever since I got the new firmware update I've noticed this issue, though it may have been there before. It tends to happen particularly if I try to bring it out of standby whilst it is recording 2 programmes at once, if not immediately then if I try to bring up the epg or something. It does do it without my bringing it out of standby though, sometimes, when recording 2 things. It does not continue recording either like my old Vestel box would do if interrupted (due to losing power or some such for the Vestel, as it never rebooted on its own like the Humax). Instead it just cuts the recordings short rather than continuing recording after starting up again, like it's given up or something. Weird stuff. I have content sharing turned off but ftp on. I have an external HDD with psu (western digital 2tb). I have wired ethernet, not wifi. I have tried a factory reset. What could I be doing wrong? Works fine and never reboots when recording one thing and watching another so can't be a hardware overheating thing (no vents blocked). I only get one transmitter (Rowridge) so not related to the manual tune bug. Can you help? I'm worried I'll need to resort to finding a Vestel HD box which is a shame as the Humax has loads of great features, but reliability is essential. Perhaps I should revert to the previous firmware, but I don't know how. Please help.
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