3TB USB is the problem the box or ntfs-3g


I've partitioned a 3TB USB drive into 2 and a 1 TB partitions
and formatted to ntfs
The 2TB works just fine read and write (a few weeks now - no issues)
but the box can't see the second partition.
It does seem to recognise it is there by creating a device but doesnt populate
it with files or directories.

I installed ntfs-3g on my centos laptop and both partitions work fine
so I was wondering if the issue was an earlier compile of ntfs-3g
or perhaps the box itself?

Just curious - it isn't a big issue.


Thanks BH but I'm none the wiser. just confused.
Part says yes part says dont know part says no.

If I reformat can I get the whole 3TB in play - if so
how must it be done? I'm happy to give it
a go if it should work but not if I have to keep
trying lots of options - that would take forever
with a 3TB drive.

Or does it just not work?

Black Hole

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The Humax will only recognise one partition, and then a maximum of 2TB with standard cluster (sector) size. If you want to try formatting the disk with a larger sector (say double), you can get a larger partition (the limit is the number of bits available to store pointers to the sectors - which results in the 2TB limit using 512-byte sectors. If you carefully format the disk using 1024-byte sectors, the same size points table will get you 4TB). All this is explained in Section 12.

The alternative is to use GPT formatting, which is only an option with custom firmware. Relevant (and recent) topic here: https://hummy.tv/forum/threads/large-external-hdds-over-2tb.7388/