5000T streaming to PC - no sound (some files)


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I'm new to this streaming game but have come across a problem in that, on the laptop, I can see the 5000T, I can see the list of recorded videos (not sure if I can see HD stuff though), I can play the recordings - video is smooth on all programmes - but I get no sound, but only on some (but most) programmes - not tv channel specific. Looking at the list, I get the "i" symbol on all files which, when hovered over, indicates that "This is of an unrecognised type which may not be playable in WMP". Or I get "Media changing...." message - and nothing but a WMP error box about codecs (when linking to the MS site).

I've tried VLC Player but the video can be jittery with sound ok. This is under Universal Plug'n'Play list. Nothing shows under mDNS or SAP links. And I can only see a small percentage of the files. Some files start to play OK but then 'green screen' and VLC hangs, or starts with a frozen video frame with sound ok, but VLC has effectively hung. Sometimes it all works fine; good video, good sound. Just depends on the particular recorded programme, or so it 'might' appear - or maybe not.

I'm baffled as to what is going on. Nothing is "solid" - i.e. there's no specific symptom on playback - it might work, it might not work; there might be video or it might be frozen or jittery; or there might be sound or no sound.

Seems as though it's probably the 5000T that's at fault. (or am I doing something I didn't ought?).

I'm using a Lenovo B5400 laptop running 64-bit Windows 10 Pro (up to date), Windows Media Player (no idea of version) and/or VLC ver.3.0.9. The 5000T is hard-wired to the router; laptop via wi-fi. Local PC HDD media plays good, video and sound OK.

Help! Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks (in hope),