560i = green bar on left side of screen


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Hi, live tv in standard definition (560i) results in a green bar at the side of my screen. How is this possible?

I have found only a couple of threads, one unanswered/ignored and another said to use overscan on the tv.

But how can I fix this? Why am I missing the pixels, or are they getting compressed, why is the green bar there? No green bar in HD. I am pretty sure the Humax is to blame.


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You could try temporarily using a SCART cable to replace the HDMI cable to see if the green bar is still there. Also you could try the same Humax srt-up into a different TV (If available) if you don't get the green bar with a SCART cable or when feeding a different TV, then it is a TV problem, or a TV / Humax combination problem


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I get a green line on the bottom and the right of the screen on the humax startup screen after a cold boot. Sometimes it does not appear, 99% of the time it does. The humax is producing it, but not everyone will see it because of their tv's overscan setting. It goes away once the broadcast kicks in for me though.

Delobe, can you take a photo?


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Hi,I solved my problem: So the problem started one time when someone sat on the controllers. Well, I tried pressing the V FORMAT button on the remote (at the very bottom) and it flicked to another display format, in my case 560p, the green line is gone.

So try the V FORMAT button on your remote!

(need to charge battery but will post a pic, so the problem is sorted)

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Yes, you can get various artefacts including displaced video fields and green bars in various places if the HDMI needs re-syncing. This typically occurs when the Humax and the display device are turned on at about the same time, and the display device is not stable when the Humax syncs up. VFORMAT cycles through the video modes, re-syncing the HDMI in the process.

A curious one I get is when the Humax says it is outputting 1080p, but my projector claims it is receiving something else (via a matrix switch)!