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9200T freezing


New Member
When I switch on my 9200T both the vision and sound on the TV start but then freeze almost immediately. I've tried switching the 9200T off and then on again using the switch on the back and have checked that all the electrical and aerial connections are properly set up. However as I can watch the TV normally in analogue I don't think that the problem is with this.

I would be very grateful for any help and advice.

Many thanks, GSD


Super Moderator
Staff member
Remove the aerial and then start the 9200. If you then have control try doing a reset to default settings. Then turn the box off, reconnect the aerial, start the 9200 and do another reset to default settings.


New Member
Many thanks for this Martin and I'm very pleased to say that the 9200T is now fully recovered following a reset to default and is operating normally again, which is a great relief.