A nervous novice asks for help with Firmwares and so on!


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Hi All

Firstly may I thank the member “Black Hole” for his very quick and very helpful reply to my last message about Firmwares. I have had a look at the links included in Black Hole message and have to admit that I am a tad nervous of rushing in and trying things before I have asked some questions.

Though I have a fair knowledge of using computers I do have also have some difficulties (Autistic traits and Dyslexia) with learning new things. This adds to other problems I have such as anxiety and panic and if I'm not careful I can easily rush into things without thinking and end up doing something I later regret!

I hope it is all right to ask this many questions and hope that it will not cause any offence, I did try to find my answers on your pages but I found it overwhelmed me and added to the panic.

Anyway here I go:

I have taken a couple of photos of the information pages from the set-up menus from the unit.

  1. Which is the most up to date correct firmware for my unit?

  2. How easy is it update? (I have flashed Bios chips in my pc before but this appears to me to be different.)

  3. I am confused by what file system the USB stick should be formatted in. Please can you explain about this and the method to prepare the stick?

  4. How easy is it for a (scared) novice like me to add the extra programs to the set-up?

  5. How do you install and use the HD protection removal hack?

  6. How easy is it to fix a problem if the flashing fails?

  7. How easy is it to restore it back to an official Humax version?

  8. Is there any risk I could lose recorded programs at any time by flashing or re flashing the firmware?

  9. I have not used Linux really (only to try it by installing a live DVD and then using the pre installed software) would it be easy for me to learn what I need to know to use this new custom Humax system?
Well I hope again it was all right to do this and thank you all for your help in this matter.

I look forward to hearing back from you over the next few days.

Best wishes


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Hi Mario.
Q1 Get the custom firmware from HERE. Post 1
Q2 Easy. Put the update on a USB stick. Stick it in the front of the Foxsat and reboot (with the front panel switch, not the remote control) Then load the web interface from the net.) Have a jolly good read of the readme that comes in the .rar file with the custom firmware.
Q3It seems that smallish USB sticks work best. formatted in fat32 (as per Windows format.) I use a 4GB Usb stick, and have used smaller ones.
Q4 A dodle, if you are talking about the stuff that comes width the custom firmware.
Q5 You put nowster's patch on the USB stick and reboot. (Look Here for the patch and info)
Q6. ????? Restore to factory settings? Someone please help me out here
Q7 Easy, but why would you want to?
Q8 Of course there is a risk, as in everything computer, but the risk is small and I've not heard of it happening to anyone.
Q9 I don't know Linux and have never needed it. Why do you suspect that you might?

Any more questions? Just ask, especially if you are not sure.
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1 You have the latest software

2 Very easy, full instructions are in the download - software and support is hosted at AVforums

3 FAT32 is required. Insert a stick in a PC and right click on the stick icon in file explorer and choose format. FAT32 is the default file system

4 Very easy you simply click on the ones you want to download in the Web Interface

5 Copy the file to a usb stick, stick it in the front USB slot on a Foxsat in sby and boot the box.

6 A rare problem, ask in the appropriate thread on AV Forums

7 The Custom Firmware doesn't replace the existing Humax software smply adds extra capability. Apart from the boot up message using it looks identical in normal operation. All the clever stuff is on a computer using the Web Interface To remove it requires simply deleting a file. The file system on the box can be accessed in Windows in a couple of ways. However can't see why you would want to.

8 None, the recording partitions aren't affected

9 No knowledge of Linux is required.

Suggest you read the info at AV Forums there is some screen shots of the interface.

Both the PC and the Foxsat need to be connected to a home network.
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Hi all

I admit I have posted this on the AV forum site too but thought someone here might see it, other that the people who read the AV forum as well! :)

Once again thank you all for your help and more importantly patience !

Here is where I am at, presently.

I installed the Custom firmware and the Web Interface and they seem to be okay.

Stupidly I got too cocky and tried wiping the USB stick and copying the settop-patch_4.0.9utc_mips.opk file onto it and then trying the same method as the firmware!

This as you probably know didn't do anything other than make the USB light up, and I hope I haven't screwed up my unit!

Anyway I think I now understand a tiny bit better about the patch in the sense that you install it and forget it, as was explained above.

So does this mean I have screwed up my Humax?

Where can I find a guide to using the Web Interface to install the patch or do I need to learn how to set up and use the Telnet?

Does the plug in (once installed) record all HD in non protected format?

Might I need the Telnet at a later moment?

Do you think I will need any more add-ons plug-ins etc. after this?

I really don't know why I was unable to post on this page again until now! It was saying that I was including links and emails addressees!? God knows. Anyway does anyone know if it was something I missed or was the forum feeling poorly?

Better go before someone throws a shoe!