A quirk of padding......


On Wednesday I recorded Room at the Top by schedule, intending to watch it and if it was any good watch/record the second part. I didn't notice the second part was actually next day, rather than next week, until just before it started. I selected it in the epg and hit record ( it was shown as current programme but hadn't actually started ).

Result - episode 1 recorded 75 mins ( 5 mins start/10 mins end padding ). Episode 2 recorded 60mins ( no padding and sure enough the last few mins missed).

Obviously what I should have done was record the series and cancel if episode 1 was rubbish but does anyone know an easy way round this? I assume the same problem would arise if I start watching something which is unexpectedly good, wind back to the start and hit record to watch in full later.

Ideally end padding should apply however the recording is initiated, or alternatively give the option when selecting current record ( which is what I'm used to ).

I don't know if current recordings appear in the schedule, and if they do whether they can be edited whilst recording is in progress. That might be a workaround, albeit a bit clunky. I'll try later.

Black Hole

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To adjust a current recording in progress press the record button and you will be offered some options.

As you say, instant recordings are not subject to the auto-padding settings.

Ezra Pound

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To clarify you press record twice, once to initiate an instant recording and again to get end time options of 1) end of current program, 2) end of following program or 3) manually setable to any time in the future


What, two presses when one would do? I'll need to up my calorie intake to cope with the extra energy demands.

That's great - thanks again.