Ability To FF/RW When Streaming Via DLNA?


I have got myself a nice new LG Smart TV for my bedroom, and I can now see my living room HDR via DLNA.

The only thing I can't figure out is how to FF or RW the files that I watch, they play perfectly, but I now have to sit through the adverts!

Am I missing something that I could do to enable the FF & RW functionality? If I press the appropriate buttons on th tv remote, a message appears sayimg that functionality is not prssent at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any help.
I doubt if the standard rew/ ff buttons will work, but the skip forward/backwards buttons (left and right arrows on my Samsung) might. You may also have the option of skipping to a time you can input. Out of interest, can you play high definition content on the LG by DLNA?
The hummy will not present HiDef via DLNA unless it has been flagged as unprotected (foxy or CF). DLNA normally ignores HiDef (doesn't even put them in its Database).
So it doesn't matter which TV you have if the Hummy does not offer them in the first place.
That's not entirely true. The DLNA server will make non-unprotected HiDef available, it just won't stream them unless the client negotiates protected delivery (meaning that the client is certified as unable to make an illicit copy of the stream). It is just that the HD- and HDR-FOX are the only clients I am aware of able to negotiate DTCP - if a TV client comes along with DTCP capability it should be able to access the HiDef recordings just the same as the StDef ones.

The custom firmware auto-unprotect package removes the content protection for DLNA streaming, but then it is a question of whether the client is able to handle the HiDef video and AAC audio, plus the stream format switching which seems to occur between trailers and programme.
Yes I can play hd recordings fine, it is simply the ability to ff/rw I need otherwise I will simply have to only watch bbc programmes via dlna if there is no way round it.

I am very impressed with the functionality og the lg tv, it is surprisingly good, I have an old B&O crt tv in the living room, and apart from having to get a soubdbar go achieve reasonable sound on the lg (they can't touch the speakers on the B&O, but I knew that before purchasing), as long as you only watch hd on the lg tv, the picture quality is good, no where near as good as the B&O for sd quality, but hd is great. I will mainly use it as a secondary set and the ability to have all the catch up players, via the lg tv and a roku 2 box, makes the idea of trying to resurrect my dead free trial youview box seem pretty pointless. Just need a usb driven hdd to allow me to pause live tv when I want to on the lg, but not sure which one to go for!
Is that confirmation that the LG streams HiDef recordings from the HDR-FOX by DLNA without need for auto-unprotect?
I take it there is no way to ff or rw programmes then?
What does it say in the manual or on the LG forums? DLNA streaming from the HDR-FOX clearly works so unless the transport controls are only unavailable on content from this source, the issue is likely at the TV end.
DLNA controls are funny at the best of times when streaming off of the Humax. The only time I have ever had success being able to forward and rewind was using MX Player for my Android tablet. Even VLC (known to play almost anything) can't detect how long my programme is!
Shouldn't this topic be in the Custom Firmware section.
Not really, the subject in question does not rely on CF being installed.

It is interesting that TV media players are now able to handle HiDef from the HDR-FOX, this has been troublesome in the past (even with the help of auto-unprotect).