Access Hard Drive attached to router


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Hi all,

Just a quick question,
I have changed my router to a TP-link one which has USB ports on it, so attached a hard drive to said port.
On the hard drive i have films, media etc so effectively use the router as a kind of NAS for all devices on the network.

The router has a media player so is able to stream content from its attached hard drive to the humax, but its a little bit pants (frequent drops, takes a while to play) so was wondering if it would be possible to access the drive directly as I can with all my other devices, either to copy files from it to the humax or play them directly bypassing the not so good media server built into the router.

Trouble is to access the drive as a drive i have to link to \\ which internally links to the drive rather than access it as a network attached drive.
The humax will only pick up the routers media server when accessing the network storage menu.

Would it be possible to do this on the humax some how?