access to the ' Web interface ' files?


Is it possible just to get access to the files stored for the web interface

Over on the foxsat we could slip some code into the opt/mongoose directory - i'm finding it a lot easier with quick access to the channels listings guide down the left side, cheers.

Not sure what files you are referring to, but the image files for the HDR-Fox T2 Web-If are located here :-
Yeah that's the directory I would like to ftp up too, but when I ftp up onto the humax (user humaxftp pass 0000)

I get <music - photo - video>


The built-in FTP server on the Humax will only allow partial access to files, you can access to all files on the Humax by turning off the in-built FTP server and installing the Custom Firmware package Betaftpd Notes HERE
fantastic great got it :) cheers m8!

I had been using humaxftp as the login changed to root and straight in :)