Adobe Flashplayer install for RTE Player


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Hi all. I am a new user,
I have installed the custom firmware on my HDR Fox-T2 box and it is all running nicely .

EXCEPT: I am in Ireland and cannot access BBC iPlayer and other UK on demand services, fair enough, there are rights issues and I have no problem with that.
RTE (Irish TV station) and TV3 (Another Irish station) also have "on demand" webplayers. It is perfectly legal and above board to access them anyway you want , PC, smartphone, set top box etc. as long as it is from an Irish IP address.
I have the full Web-if package and Portal Xtra-1 installed and can access the box over my network in my Firefox browser on my PC. I have also been able to access the webplayers via the "Test URL" link but cannot get to play anything as Adobe Flash ver 9.0.124 above must be installed.
How do I go about doing this (Flashplayer) without upsetting the custom firmware?
I have played with Linux several times in the past and am aware of the installation procedures for packages on Mandrake, Ubuntu etc. but not with this box. I have the tar.gz file , I just don't know how to install it.
I would also if at all possible like to write Bookmarks pointing to the two websites directly into my custom TV Portal menu. How can this be done?
I hope somebody out there can be of help. I have read the wiki until my eyes hurt but cannot find any solution to my problem.
Flash is a non-runner, sorry to say. The TV Portal hooks up with a .mp4 feed for iPlayer, and we could get other .mp4 feeds to run by accessing them through the custom portal, but the next stumbling block would be to provide navigation as the service provider has to have a remote handset friendly interface rather than (or in addition to) a mouse and keyboard interface - and I don't think we have cracked sending RC commands back to the provider either.

I'm sure you can add your web sites to the custom portal, you will need to modify the files which run it (somebody else will tell you how to do that). As to adding executables into the operating system, you must take account of there being only just enough processing power available to run the PVR - all the clever video decoding and encryption is done in special-purpose hardware. You also have to compile the original source code specifically for the Humax and can't just pick up an existing compiled package for Ubuntu or whatever and install it. See the Wiki HERE (click).
Black hole is correct - however if you wish to experiment, go for it. Just be aware of the risks.

To add in new links to the xtra1 portal, have a read of the last few pages of THIS thread.