Advice on FVP-5000T /v Aura /v Other


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Sorry for the boring/annoying question. I did hunt around a bit for previous recommendations/opinions... Maybe a search-fail on my part, but eg advanced search "aura FVP5000T" found no titles with both.
What's important to me: Freeview Play (streaming FV without aerial, have 500Kbit/s fttp, RJ45); PVR pause/chase ad-avoidance; HD; efficient user interface
Very useful: Built in Netflix app
A bit useful: casting
Don't care: 4K, WiFi, good looking user-interface

I still have an old HDR-FOX-T2, but that fails the streaming requirement.
I have a Humax Aura, but I really, really dislike the user interface. Form over function, cumbersome, way too many clicks to do anything. Looks very pretty, but I gave up on it at least a year ago.
So the FVP-5000T sounded like a good option, but then reading around here, it sounds like it's got quite a few bugs, and getting no ongoing dev-support from Humax? Are the bugs pretty liveable with though, the lesser evil?
I also have a qnap nas server with hdmi out and plenty cpu, that I can install eg Kodi on, but the qnap runs everything as root, and has a history of ransomeware attacks, so downloading apps and running them on there (as root!)... makes me nervous.
Or there may be a better non-Humax solution for me?
Thanks in advance for any advice/recommendations/thoughts :)