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Advice Please

Hi all I'm selling my Humax box as I'm getting a new TV with all the stuff I need built in! I was wondering what price would I get for a Humax HDR-FOX T2 box? It's all in full working order with no marks etc on it.

Thank You


Staff member
Go and look on eBay and search for used boxes and completed listings. There are plenty on there that have been sold at around £160.
Friends of our have just bought a Loewe TV with built in PVR and they are having no end of problems with it. Missed recordings, shows its recording, but nothing is, recordings that can't be played..... the list goes on.

Not what I would expect for a TV that cost over £4000 and its only a 40"
Just for info
I bought an LG 42" last year for around 1K
Somewhere on the net I read it can be hacked to turn on its own internal PVR features
(apparentely they were dissabled for the UK market for some reason)
It has a few USB ports and plays humax files without any problems, avi, mp4 wmv etc all play
and index well.
(maybe it uses the same SoC as humax? I dont know)

It would make an interesting comparison if anyone had actually done this.