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Aerial feed to tv

Hi all I am looking to reconnect my aerial feed to my tv for watching tv in the morning and wondered how you all are connecting it, splitter or loop through out of the box


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Splitter (passive) depends on your signal strength as it will drop it by at least a half (3db).
Loop through means the box must be at least half awake to work, or you have to disable some power saving in standby which will obviously use a bit more electricity (not much but 24/7 can add up).
Active splitter or amp will also use more power and cost more upfront.

So if you have the signal I'd definitely go passive splitter, which is what I've done.

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I hardly ever use my TVs' own tuners, it wouldn't bother me not to have the aerial linked at all.

There is no reason to go to the complication of splitters unless you have a specific need: are you keen to save a few pennies by enabling the HDR's low-power-in-standby setting? See Things Every... (click) section 7.
Thanks all I think I will try a passive splitter and see how I get on, I have all my av equipment in a cabinet and at night when viewing ( Humax box & amp or blue ray & amp) I leave the door open for cooling and want to just use the tv in the morning to catch the news and not switch everything on