After retuning a reminder would help.


I'm hoping someone from Humax might be reading here. I think the product is great but have one problem.

After a retune (seems to be almost monthly at the moment) all my recording schedule is cleared - would it be possible to create a reminder at some point in the process?

*** Reminder - after the tuning is complete you must create your recording schedule again ***

I suppose backup and restore might be too difficult...
The backup utility is a life-saver.. especially now it automatically backs up each day, which is brilliant when my wife hits the Retune dialog OK button by mistake! :)
TBH, I can't quite believe that the standard firmware doesn't have this type of scheduled recording restore built it. Like Mr T is often heard saying; "I pity fool who's not running the custom firmware" ;-)
OK, I'm ready (I think) to go with the customised firmware. If I've understood correctly v2.13 is released tomorrow. I think I'll do 2.12 now for the confidence boost and if it all goes wrong, I'll be back in an hour... :)
v2.13 will only be for 1.02.20 and 1.02.29 as well but you can just install 2.12/1.02.29 or 2.13/1.20.29 straight over what you already have.
Thanks for the help, this is the first time I've done this and I'm a bit nervous. The release notes suggest that I can't do it to 1.02.28 and have I misunderstood about availability of 1.20.29? Am I on the right track or am I lost as usual? dates.JPGfw.JPG
If you install 2.12/1.02.29 on top of what you already have, it will install the custom firmware version 2.12 and upgrade the Humax software to 1.02.29 at the same time.

1.02.29 is the latest version from Humax (released at the start of July) and the only known difference between 1.02.28 and 1.02.29 is that the Internet radio crash bug is fixed. Humax haven't yet broadcast 1.02.29 as an over-the-air update though - we don't know why.

There have been some rumours that there is a new release in the pipeline but no definitive confirmation or timeline.
Although incomplete, THIS (click) may be of some use to you - see post 2.

CF 2.12 will apply over 1.02.27, 1.02.28, or 1.02.29 and raise the base firmware to 1.02.29 in the process (see the "upgrade path" link in the Wiki).
Thanks, BH. It says:
If you do not understand this list, please get help from somebody who does!

So may I run this past you before I take the "big step"

I have the file hdr_fox_T2_upgrade. htf on a mem stick and all seems OK. The only snag is that my browser (FF) can't connect to the IP address of Hummy. File zilla can and displays all recorded files etc so I'm using the right address - is this to be expected or have I more to do?
Until you have loaded the custom firmware onto the box you won't be able to see anything in a web browser. The fact that you can connect with FileZilla is a good confirmation that you have the basic connectivity required for the next step.
Once the USB stick update has been loaded and the front panel shows 'CUST FW 2.12' at boot time, try FF again and that should take you through the bootstrap wizard.
Thanks to all for their help in holding my hand through this. Now I've done it once I'll be relaxed about doing it again - it's a bit like the first time you flash the BIOS on a PC. It all went smoothly and now I have the interface on my browser I can start exploring and find how to back up the recording schedule.
Thanks again.