All 4 :- picture and audio breakup during programmes, but not in adverts !


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When trying to watch All Four's catch up of Walter Presents...(Dicte) I am often plagued by vision and sound disturbance during the actual programme, to which the only cure seems to be a hard reset via the rear power switch. This is tedious in the extreme, as even if the box starts to behave correctly again .. you have to plough through the adverts to return to the point at which the problem began.
, before continuing. What is also noticeable , is that the problem appears confine to the programme you are watching, and NOT to the advertisements between !!
Almost as if the adverts had a better QoS rating :) Has anyone else noticed this ? I believe the problem existed before the recent much-maligned firmware (V 27.5.0) update.
I also wonder if the temperature is known to be a cause of this specific issue... It seems unlikely but I am going to remove the lid and see whether there is any difference.... At the moment you could fry an egg......
the problem does not manifest itself whilst watch via my Mac Mini, so I believe the internet feed is fast enough and stable enough. ( However the Humax picture wins out when working, so would like to get to the root of the nuisance.)

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If the adverts are unaffected, it doesn't seem likely that the unit itself is at fault. I find the 4 catch-up troublesome (on iPad), with advert delivery taking priority over content delivery.