Another Edimax HDR FOX T2 wireless problem


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Hi, wasnt sure whether to post this in an existing thread, but couldn't find anyone having the same problem as me...

Jut bought an Edimax EW-7711UAn as research obviously pointed to this range being fully compatible with the pvr... My problem is that it never finds any wifi networks.

Tested in front and rear USB ports (unfortunately the device works without any issues in my pc). It seems to recognise a wifi adapter has been plugged in as the Wifi Setup option is no longer grayed out, the adapter flashes encouragingly, but when searching for networks the list is always empty. It should happily be able to see at least 3 networks in range.

Was on latest firmware, tried downgrading firmware. Read somewhere the "wireless helper" package on custom firmware could help troubleshoot so installed the lastest custom fw thinking wireless helper was something i could access on the device itself, but then after installing realised without a network connection you cant do much with it :-(

Surely the Edimax havent changed the chips in these dongles - is there any way to find out? Can anyone tell me if this is what happens when an incompatible wifi dongle is utilised?

At this point i'm tempted to return the Edimax and see if i have any more luck with the official Humax dongle at 3 times the price... does anyone have any more ideas for me?!

Thanks in advance!

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The WiFi dongles are not universally successful due to reception conditions at the location of the Humax, I don't think it is your choice of dongle that is the problem. For the purpose of firing up the custom firmware, temporarily rig a wired connection. I'm not sure whether installing the wireless-helper package will help, its main purpose is to bring the WiFi up when the Humax is half-awake - but I suppose it is possible. You can install packages via USB if required by using the bundle downloads (see the Wiki).

If I am not mistaken this is the white one with the hinged aerial? One would think this had a better chance. Can you try getting it away from the RF clutter of HDMI with a USB extension lead?

Once you do get it to detect your network you have the problem of entering your password - I hope it is not too complicated!


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cheers for the reply.. I'm not sure it can be interference on this one, tried it with an extension but it's out the way of any other wires etc. Should have a strong signal and tried my phone hotspot right next to it, no joy.

One more interesting development, the pc i was trying it on is revent hardware windows 8.. tried it on 2 other windows 7 computers and the auto installed drivers get me to the same place as the Humax - no reported problems but no wifi networks to be seen!? i'm suspecting (hoping) faulty dongle now?


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i'm suspecting (hoping) faulty dongle now?
There was a rash of reports of similar problems a few months ago. Edimax support confirmed that the chipset had not been changed and in most of the cases that I can remember a replacement Edimax dongle worked.