Any idea what i am doing wrong with recording via web access to foxsat-hdr with raydons firmware

Gary MacKenzie

New Member
I can't use local web access to record from Smithsonian HD channel, but, if I use remote record, it allows the record button to be used.
I have attached both screen grabs
I have rebooted the box numerous times , but not showing record button from local web access


It's been a long time since I looked at any of the Foxsat stuff but, from memory, the local Web Interface will only allow you to set a recording from the EPG view if the broadcaster has provided a programme identifier (CRID) for the broadcast.

The remote scheduling portal contains additional logic to identify the circumstance where no CRID is available for a broadcast and to convert a recording for such a programme to a "time based scheduled recording" rather than a CRID based one which is why you are able to set it to record from that portal.