Anyone else deciding what to do after XP?

I have two XP computers and one Vista computer. I use MS Money, PictureIt 9 and Visual Basic programming a great deal plus the usual Outlook Express and Internet Explorer.

I think I will shift to Ubuntu on my XP Netbook, and Dual Boot on my XP Laptop for email and internet access, allowing continued use of my MS Money, Picture It and Visual Basic.

Any others with XP made a decision?



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I went to Vista then W7. Wouldn't touch W8 with a bargepole from what I've seen of my mates machine.


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I run Windows 7 and managed to get MSMoney (2005) running successfully on that.

Don't fancy Windows 8 though.

Would considering OSX but for dependence on MS Money and a couple of other Windows apps.


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I've managed to just use the alternate, 'decent' Windows versions, so went 95 .. XP .. W7.
Probably go to W9 in a few years time (when it's been debugged :) ) unless something very different happens to us or computers in the meantime.

I already use Android on the mobiles and tablet and personally would probably try non-Windows on a PC except my wife and daughter are firmly rooted in Windows, so I'd still have to keep two MS machines going and it's easier to just keep them all the same.


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I have an old Samsung NC20 netbook. This machine has an unusual VIA Nano chipset that very little runs on except the original XP. It would run W7, but its just not worth the expense, especially as the machine's on file server duties these days. I tried a number of current Linux distros and none worked, but eventually I found that Linux Mint 12 runs just about perfectly. The Sammy is happily back pretending to be a NAS on my home network.


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There's nothing wrong with win8. A lot of the negativity comes from people that haven't actually used it..or given it half a chance.


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Why shift from XP?
nearly all the holes are in Internet Explorer and Outlook (Express), so change to Firefox and Thunderbird, and have a proper firewall and antivirus.
Then you don't have to find new utilities, and the bother only happens when you try to install something which won't allow installation on XP

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I was going to specify 8.1, but 8 wasn't that bad. Anyway, it's the same thing as 8.1 is a free update.

Windows 8/8.1 is fine. You just need to do the following:

* Disable Charms and hot corners
* Disable most of the gestures on your touchpad
* Make it boot to the desaktop, not Metro
* Install either Classic Shell or Start Menu X to give you a (proper) start button
* Remove most of those apps that run in the Metro GUI and might pop up occasionally
* Also, install the older Windows 7 version of Kindle for PC, which works properly with Calibre. (Nod, nod, wink, wink.)

You then have...Windows 8 that looks rather like Windows 7 or Linux KDE4. Simple!

If you also want a pop-up launcher, and have a Samsung machine, install Samsung's Quick Starter, which has a full Windows Menu built in, as well as customizable folders of your own.

Oh, and finally, go for an OEM version of Windoze. It's much cheaper.

I have two laptops, a Samsung Series 7 quad core running Windows 8.1 64 bit, and an old eeePC with a 64 bit Atom processor running OpenSUSE Linux, both from Samsung solid state drives.

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My opinion of 8 has not changed: no doubt built on the solid foundations of 7, but initially released chasing the mobile market and forgetting about the bread-and-butter office user with no desire to sit within arms reach of a touch screen. If you want 8 to behave like 7, use 7 (except just about every PC you can buy these days has 8 on it).


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(except just about every PC you can buy these days has 8 on it).
The last PC I bought came with DOS 6.2 (and maybe Win 3.1, I forget now).
The latest computer I bought arrived this morning in 3 boxes (MB, CPU, RAM). Hopefully the box to put the bits in will arrive tomorrow morning in another box :)
Already have new SSD (from failed attempt to upgrade old hardware currently running XP) and W7 OEM from eBay for £36. Bits all customised to suit specific user.
Why buy what you don't want?


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It was a mobile formatted link, sorry. Yes, but they have relented further.. Google windows 8.1 update 1 start menu

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It was a mobile formatted link, sorry. Yes, but they have relented further.. Google windows 8.1 update 1 start menu
But why, when the Classic Shell is so much better? Ditch the tiles m$ and admit your mistake!