Anyone use the media player?

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Anyone use the media player? I havea tiny 1 tb external drive containing my whole dvd collection perminently connected to FVP5000 by USB which I watch as often as any other. It used to be superb but has been spoiled in the last update do to 3 snags. I used to binge watch whole collections thanks to series play option that auto plays the next episode and the Recent menu which is the very first menu where you could quickly pick up in one click where you left off. That doesn't happen now

1/ Media player no longer remembers where you left off, so all media restarts from the beginning each time

2/ The files are no longer displayed in order, so you can no longer play episodes in order

3/ If play an episode from the Resume menu, the series play no longer moves onto the next episode, instead it plays the next item in the resume menu which is non sensical

These are 3 tiny repairs for a developer but have totally ruined an otherwise excellent media player experience